Relief Management

We provide relief to the vulnerable communities especially those living with HIV/AIDS .In this season of COVID-19 Pandemic we have been able to give relief to the women and children in need in form of food and basic needs. In Uganda many house hold have been affected by the pandemic which has left them starving and in need.

Family Planning

We do condom education to communities and workplaces and we always demonstrate the proper use, distribute them and install condom dispensaries at convenient places of companies which we give our services. We also provide different information about different services of family planning and we partner with different health centers who give these services well.

Vulnerable Children

In children we support orphans and vulnerable children to achieve their rights especially a right to a home because we attach them to different guardians then we continue to support them with education, clothing, nutrition and medical care. With orphans we engage the young children in sports to ensure health bodies and also in drama to grow some music talent. …

Hepatitis B & AIDS Prevention

RETMAC performs world AIDS day activities by offering HIV Counseling and Testing services as requested by different companies, organizations, churches as they commemorate the day. To encourage prevention and avoid discrimination of people living with HIV at work place. At RETMAC we do HIV counseling and Testing with communities, work places, Families, churches and schools. Under this service we also …

Economic Empowerment

At Retmac we support women living with HIV by empowering them economically to be able to earn a living. They do drama activities, tailoring and African material bags, necklaces, shirts, bangles, African kitengi shirts, bags, bangles head burns, book covers etc These women are economically empowered in order to make them able to provide for themselves and their children thus …


Here at Retmac we train youth to acquire different skills in order to earn a living and being creative to make a difference. So we train the youth start their small businesses like liquid soap, book making drama, cookery, catering services to mention but a few.


With cancer at RETMAC Foundation we give awareness information through health talks and screening of cervical, breast and prostate types of cancers and referrals of the suspects for further examination to the nearest big hospitals. But the numbers that are so far reached are lower because we lack enough equipment to screen cervical cancer also to avail privacy as we …