Hepatitis B & AIDS Prevention

RETMAC performs world AIDS day activities by offering HIV Counseling and Testing services as requested by different companies, organizations, churches as they commemorate the day. To encourage prevention and avoid discrimination of people living with HIV at work place. At RETMAC we do HIV counseling and Testing with communities, work places, Families, churches and schools.

Under this service we also do home based counseling, and home based care where we deal with issues of Hygiene, nutrition, marriage, and sanitation.

We also have services of Hepatitis B prevention that is counseling, testing, vaccination and referrals at Retmac Foundation.

In Hepatitis B services we mobilize and sensitize the community about the disease and where need arises we vaccinate. But most people love to prevent by vaccination but it is expensive so they pay some little charge and we purchase the vaccine because we have no funding for it.

In different refugee camps people are yearning for this service a cheaper price but it is not possible. If funds are availed we could reach different communities with this vaccine and information to hard to reach areas.

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