Women Empowerment

At Retmac we support women living with HIV by empowering them economically to be able to earn a living. They do drama activities, tailoring and African material bags, necklaces, shirts, bangles, African kitengi shirts, bags, bangles head burns, book covers etc

These women are economically empowered in order to make them able to provide for themselves and their children thus prevention of further transmission of HIV. We have availed them with some tailoring machines and drama instruments, but we also provide some foods like sugar, posho, rice to boost their nutrition.

Some of these women are too young and are interested in marrying, we connect them to people of the same status and this has given them a reason to smile. These women have sensitized the public by giving them testimonies of their own lives, singing and acting which has improved other peoples lives and encouraged prevention in different communities.

RETMAC women have children living with HIV and so they have tried to do agriculture on small scale to boost their nutrition and also to get some little income. RETMAC Foundation is trying to look for finances to buy land for our women so that they can do growing of crops and Rearing of animals and poultry to get cash and food for their families. They are growing mushrooms and some poultry in their small homes which is carries little benefits but we are hoping for the best.